Apply KKTIX Backend Engineer

Job Description

  • You will be responsible to develop and maintain KKTIX web service, including web/mobile web/in-app webpage, RESTful APIs
  • You will work closely with both front-end developers and app developers 
  • You will write self-documented code and complete test cases
  • You will continuously refactor code bases and optimize its performance
  • You will design and develop micro services to form a large-scale ticketing services 



  • Experience in Ruby on Rails 3.2+
  • Experience in RDBMS (would be better if you have used PostgreSQL)
  • Strong knowledge in HTTP and network performance in Web Browser
  • Familiar with RSpec and Capybara
  • Familiar with UNIX-like development environment
  • Experience in Git and GitHub (would be better if you could provide your GitHub account for the reference)
  • Passionate on new technologies and development models
  • Strong initiative and enthusiasm
  • Self-discipline
  • 3+ years experience with web development
  • Good communication skill and team-work spirit
  • Strong technical English
  • On-call rotation due to important events could be required.



  • Strong knowledge in HTML and CSS
  • Experience in Sass, Compass and Bootstrap
  • Experience in Front-End JavaScript, jQuery, DOM API and HTML5 API
  • Experience in building API Services
  • Experience in Javascript/CoffeeScript
  • Experience in Go
  • Experience in Web Front-End Testing
  • Experience in Open Source Projects/Communities
  • Experience in large-scale services and distributed systems
  • It is good to show us your previous work which you are proud of, or piece of code you’ve contributed to any open-source projects
  • Experience with agile development
  • Love cat 

Job Details

  • Job type: Full Time
  • Job location: Taipei City (You can choose to work in office or to work remotely)
  • Salary: TWD$45,000 ~ TWD$80,000 x14 months


票種 販售時間 售價
Job ~ 2019/12/31 23:00(+0800)
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